Ermes Viza Ptz Camera Series

For Surveillance and Inspection in Nuclear Power Operations

• CMOS color sensorErmes Viza Ptz Camera
• Wide range of radiation resistance
• 640 x 480 resolution
• Wide range of Pan and Tilt rotations available
• Reduced dimensions
• Reduced weight
• Stainless Steel
• Air/Water following the model
• Powerful LED lighting
• Advanced visualization and/or image treatment systems optionally available
• Integrated dosimeter optionally available

Viza Ptz cameras capture high quality images, boosted by our proprietary hardened color sensors, associated with powerful LED lightings. The camera features a robust pan, tilt and zoom system; the quality of surveillance and monitoring of critical process in high radiation environments is significantly improved. Mixed analog and digital video signals allow practical treatment of images, increasing the range of image analysis. Viza Ptz cameras benefit from our expertise in hardening technologies achieved through years of research and industrial experience of Ermes and CEA. In contrast with standard hardened cameras, Viza Ptz cameras include resistant, sensitive electronics, increasing its functionalities and performances while simplifying operations and reducing cost.


• Reactor building surveillance
• RCP and steam generator leakage monitoring
• Surveillance of the fuel pool
• Monitoring of the waste storage

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