Ermes Sphinx Camera Series

For Fuel Handling in Nuclear Power ApplicationsSphinx Camera by Ermes Electronics

The Sphinx camera provides high quality images and powerful lighting for fuel handling operations. The design is based on our unique technology of resistant CMOS video sensors. Mixed analog-digital video signals allow easy treatment of images, facilitating post treatment analysis of images.

The Sphinx camera benefits from our know-how in hardening technologies achieved through years of research and industrial experience of Ermes and CEA. In contrast with standard hardened cameras, Sphinx features rugged, sensitive electronics, featuring a simplified operation procedure at a relatively low cost.


• CMOS color sensor
• Multi levels of radiation resistance
• 640 x 480 resolution
• Reduced dimensions
• Reduced weight
• Stainless Steel
• Powerful LED lighting
• Optional Advanced visualization and/or image treatment systems available
• Optional Integrated dosimeter available


• Fuel Handling operations
• Monitoring of fuel reloading
• Inspection of fuel assembly surfaces
• Visualization of fuel assembly markings

Sphinx Camera Model Codification and Specifications

Ermes Sphinx Camera

Sphinx camera reference codes

Sphinx Camera focus

ermes sphinx

Hardened Electronics Through Innovation

Ermes is a global expert in design and manufacture of hardened electronic systems for industrial applications in highly radioactive and explosive environments. Ermes devotes more than 25% of its resources to research and development. We continuously innovate systems to ensure the safety of operations and the preservation of environment in sensitive industrial processes.

Ermes' team of engineers, in close collaboration with CEA Senior Researchers (Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives) is focused on breaking technological barriers and developing new for applications in harsh environmental conditions, as well as standard applications. Through our advanced research and development program, we regularly update our database of radiation qualified components and adapted schematics for generic electronic functions to be used in hardened dosimetry, robotics and visualization systems. Ermes products are regularly tested and qualified in irradiation facilities at CEA in order to validate specifications.


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