Ermes Rado Dosimeter Series

For Nuclear Power ApplicationsRado Dosimeter demo

Rado dosimeter systems display cumulated dose, dose rate and temperature in high radiation area, up to 12 kGy or 1 MGy. These compact sensors can easily be installed on many mobile devices subject to radiation exposure. With proper monitoring, damages to these devices can be avoided.

Rado is an effective tool for measuring dose in confined spaces. A remote control box can be mounted in a low radiation area. The sensor cable is available up to 50 meters long. The box then can be connected to a PC cable up to 30 meters long. Non-accessible zones can be monitored as far as 80 meters away. Rado dosimeters feature continuous update of cumulated dose, even in case of power supply outages.



• Cumulated gamma dose, dose rate and temperature measurements
• 2 dose sensor ranges : 12 kGy, 1MGy
• Cable length up to 50m
• Adaptable sensor configuration to match the application
• Measurement frequency, up to 1/4 mns for dose, 1/5 s for temperature
• Autonomous display box (memorizing and power supply)
• Available PC serial port or USB
• PC data treatment software
• Small and handy sensor, easy to install in various configurations


• Dose surveillance and protection of facilities (robots, cameras, pipes, valves etc.)
• Hot cell dosimetry
• Dosimetry in non-accessible zones
• Nuclear Power Plant shut down / dismantling

rado dosimeter probe

Ermes Rado Dosimeter Specifications

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